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Artisan Producers

Artisan producers

So many imaginative local artisans are passionately producing original beverages and foods for us to enjoy fresh, nourishing goodness. Most can be found at the Otago Farmers Market in Dunedin every Saturday.

Harvey Street Merchant

The latest foodie business to pop up in the stunning Blueskin Bay area, Harvey Street Merchants stock the best artisan goods and fresh produce from Dunedin and surrounds, alongside delicious gourmet ice-cream and hand-cut blooms. Stop in, stock up and soak up the feel-good vibe.

2 Harvey Street, Waitati

The Good Food Co.

Stocking local fine foods, this newcomer adds to the gradual emergence of Mornington as the next shopping and dining hub to discover. This artisan food store sells an impressive array of pasta, cheese, condiments and nibbles which share elbow room with freshly baked breads, and ‘special guest’ cakes and slices. Fresh sample platters allow you to taste-test their selected, high-end goods. Open on Fridays and Saturdays.

174 Eglinton Road

Princes Street Butcher and Kitchen

Hailing the comeback of the traditional neighbourhood butchers’ shop, but way cooler, the doors of the Princes Street Butcher and Kitchen have only just opened and already it is gaining a dedicated following for their freshly baked pies alone. Add to this the delicious selection of fresh, lower South Island-sourced meats, gourmet sausages, cheeses and other treats and you’ve got something pretty special. What’s more, the store has set up in Princes Street which is tipped to be the next area of the city to undergo a makeover.

416 Princes Street

Bay Road Peanut Butter Factory & Café

What could improve on having a factory making super fresh peanut butter in Dunedin? Having a toast café on the factory site – that’s what! This is toast but not as you know it, with all manner of legendary savoury and sweet combos involving the star nut butter ingredients. Try the luscious new dark roast.

8 Roberts Street

OCHO - Otago Chocolate Company

OCHO is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker, making fine flavour, single origin chocolate from cacao beans grown in the Pacific that are fair traded and fully traceable. Order their wares online, seek them out in shops or visit their onsite café to taste and learn about chocolate making right from where cacao is grown to how it is crafted into bars. The OCHO team roast, grind, temper and wrap chocolate by hand. Taste the difference between cacao from Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Fiji and feel good about craft chocolate. In divine flavours, such as Horipito & Kawakawa, and The Beekeeper's Bar (made with Manuka honey and real bee pollen).

10 Roberts Street

Wild Fennel, Egg & Spoon - Port Pantry

Wild Fennel Co., are producers of gourmet seasonings inspired by traditional flavour pairings from around the world. Designed to be simple to use, versatile and full of flavour, our seasonings will enhance your favourite recipes and inspire new creations. Its H.Q. is in Port Chalmers’s supplier of New Zealand-made artisan foods, cookbooks and gifts, The Port Pantry, but it is available online through Egg & Spoon Ltd, and has stockists all over the place.

23 George Street, Port Chalmers

Urbn Vino

Winemaker Brendan Seal runs Urbn Vino, where Pinot Noir is the tipple of choice. This city winery only sells online these days with exquisitely crafted drops created from Central Otago and Waitaki grapes.

Spelt Bakery on Highgate

Fig and cranberry sourdough, 100% wholemeal spelt flour loaf and traditional gingerbread are just some of the artisan breads baked daily at Spelt on Highgate. Also the makers of Dunedin's best sausage roll (lamb and harissa - as voted by locals), get in early before the local devotees clean out the cabinets.

481 Highgate

Holy Cow

Producing milk the old fashioned way, with a small herd of happy Jersey cows, at a small, family-owned dairy farm near Port Chalmers. The milk is predominantly A2 meaning it’s more easily digestible for some people. They also sell cream, lassi, ghee and butter and have swappable, reusable bottles.

Windy Ridge Dairy

Selling milk that’s the real deal. Just as you remember it – pasteurised, in a swappable bottle, with that little bit of cream on top. Sourced from the small-scale dairy production Windy Ridge Farm at Benhar, South Otago, and appearing in the chillers of an increasing number of Otago suppliers.

Havok Farm Pork

All Havok meats come from Hunter Hills Farm, with pigs free to frolic outdoors while feeding a healthy diet of locally grown grain and a few added ingredients such as garlic and cider vinegar to keep them happy and healthy. This family business embraces traditional British pork farming principles where animal welfare is paramount in providing quality product to cater to all contemporary culinary requirements as well as the values and ethics that are increasingly driving shopping habits.

Who Ate All The Pies?

Based out of St Kilda, Dunedin, Who Ate All The Pies creates handmade gourmet pies, from staples such as venison and red wine to specialty flavours like wild hare, steak & Bluff oyster, and even the coveted English pork pie. Their quest is to be innovative in making high end pies – they have achieved yumminess.

Goat Island Dairy

Goats milk, from a grass-fed herd, that are treated like royalty. Perfectly presented in a beautiful glass bottle, their milk is naturally A2 – which means it’s kinder on your tummy than normal milk – low in cholesterol and rich in iron. With several stockists dotted around the city, it’s not hard to find.

Blueskin Bay Honey

Manuka, kanuka and wildflower honey, collected within a 50km radius of Dunedin, predominately within the Blueskin Bay area, is used to produce specialist honey, delicious honeycomb from time to time and honey-based beverages.

Evansdale Cheese

Evansdale Cheese is very much a boutique product with all cheeses hand packed and lovingly taken through the curing process. The first small, cheese-making factory in New Zealand, Evansdale wares are free of preservatives and calf rennet. It sells and produces 20-30 different varieties of cheese, sold throughout New Zealand.

Wild Dispensary

Wild Dispensary is a herbal remedy and tonic company based in Dunedin, Otago. Its products are handmade in small batches using wild harvested herbs. The tonic blends are designed to support year-round wellness. The busy owners ensure almost all the plants and herbs are harvest in Otago, from the foothills of the Southern Alps to the dry mountains of Central Otago. Their newest product ‘Fire Cider’ is adapted from an old European gypsy recipe and infused with potent native New Zealand herbs for a dose of goodness that super-powers the immune system.