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Why Dunedin?

Dunedin has a reputation for being an easy city in which to do business.

Dunedin is a confident commercial centre with a global focus and a strong emphasis on design and innovation, underpinned by cohesive business connections and a burgeoning talent pool. The city is enriched by successful businesses that produce cutting-edge products and services selling into global markets over a sustained period.

Strong knowledge base

As a city, Dunedin is fortunate to have acclaimed educational institutions and a number of businesses with strong research networks and a robust focus on R&D. Students, academics and entrepreneurs all contribute to:

  • the internationally recognised research capability of the University of Otago
  • the product development and market-testing expertise of the Otago Polytechnic
  • high investment in R&D by local industries.

Innovation and talent

Dunedin people are smart and resourceful, and this is a youthful city. Health technologies and biotechnology, niche manufacturing and engineering, ICT and creative industries have all grown over the past decade, benefitting from a workforce of educated, talented people.

As at June 2012, 70.7% of Dunedin’s population were of working age (15–64) compared to 66.1% of New Zealand’s population. (Statistics New Zealand 2012)

The style of doing business is open and relaxed, based on personal reputation and integrity. Dunedin’s small size makes it perfect for creating and fostering networks.

High-quality amenities

Dunedin's residents enjoy a high standard of cultural, leisure, public and natural amenities. The city boasts an enviable range of parks, reserves, tracks and cycleways. Our world-class venues and community facilities cater for everything from sporting events to concerts, exhibitions to festivals. And we have New Zealand’s largest collection of heritage buildings, some creatively restored for commercial and residential use, others enjoyed as churches, theatres and galleries.

A great lifestyle

Dunedin has a strong sense of place and cultural heritage, held together by active social networks and a commitment to local community. It’s easy to get around the city, and the housing is affordable.

Residents say housing is the most affordable in the country and also rate the city as having the greatest sense of community, with 84% of those surveyed feeling they had a positive overall quality of life. (Quality of Life Survey 2014)

The average travel time for vehicles on key suburb to city routes at peak times during the morning shows the average travel time on the four key routes measured is less than 15 minutes. (Dunedin City Council Annual Plan 2013/14)

Nourished by a stunning natural environment with more green space per person than any other city in New Zealand, Dunedin residents enjoy the benefits of a focus on environmental sustainability.