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Dunedin holds much appeal for investors: innovative entrepreneurs, excellent infrastructure and a long history of commercial enterprise.

Dunedin is an attractive, reliable option for investors and businesses. It was New Zealand’s most influential city from the early days of European settlement — a city of firsts in education, commerce, manufacturing, communications and the arts.

Commerce has always been Dunedin’s lifeblood, thanks to Otago’s gold mining history. That pioneering spirit underpins the city’s business environment, but today Dunedin’s gold is knowledge, innovation and technology. The city is home to many entrepreneurs who have developed businesses that use technological expertise to create innovative solutions.

The following industries attract significant investment to Dunedin:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Design
  • Niche manufacturing
  • Information and communications technology

Dunedin has a sophisticated range of business support initiatives that foster economic development in the region and help businesses find their place in the global market. Dunedin’s culture and economy are enriched by a longstanding sister-city relationship with Shanghai, China.

A well-planned city, Dunedin's small geographical size means it’s easy to get out and connect with people. Fast internet connectivity in the city makes it easy to build and maintain international relationships. A liveable and sustainable city, Dunedin is also a growing tourist destination.


For further information, contact:

Chanel O'Brien

Chanel O’Brien

Business Development Advisor

Facilitating and responding to the requirements of the Dunedin Tech business cluster and helping initiate collaboration to grow high Tech companies in Dunedin. Meeting business needs and enabling students to get work experience and the opportunity of permanent employment in the city.