My Dunedin Itinerary


Dunedin has some of the best beaches and coastal scenery in New Zealand.

Being a coastal city Dunedin has many beaches scattered along its coastline and around the Otago Harbour. Most are only a few minutes drive from the central city and have easy access and some have regular surf patrols during the busy summer period.

Aramoana Beach and the Mole

This beautiful white sandy beach is split by the Mole, a long breakwater stretching out into the harbour entrance.

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Blueskin Bay

Blueskin Bay is an estuary about 25km north of Dunedin named after Te Hikututu and his nephew Kahutin because of all their Tā Moko (traditional Maori tattoos).

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Brighton Beach

20km SW of Dunedin, Brighton is a small seaside town, along the Southern Scenic Route within the city limits of Dunedin. The area is popular for day trips from Dunedin. Surf-lifesaving patrols are on duty here during busy times.

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Long Beach

Because it’s tranquil.
Because it’s a rock-climbing mecca.
Because of the caves: groovy room-sized ones near the north end of the beach lead to a massive cavern you could hide an army, or stage an opera in. Watch for rock falls though, and sometimes falling sheep!

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Sandfly Bay

Sandfly Bay is a bay with large dunes on the Otago Peninsula, 15 km east of central Dunedin.

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St Kilda Beach, St Clair Beach & Salt Water pool

There is nothing between this white sandy beach and the Antarctic. Surf-lifesaving patrols are on duty here during busy times.

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Tunnel Beach

Best at low tide this twenty minute easy walk from the car park on Tunnel Beach Road through private farm land takes you to a magnificent sandstone sea arch and man-made tunnel to the secluded beach with fossil filled cliffs on all sides.

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Victory Beach and the Pyramids

This pristine and completely undeveloped beach is named after the Victory ship that sunk of its shores.

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Find a

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