My Dunedin Itinerary

Music and book lovers

Get down in Dunedin

Want to find the gig for you? Whether it be jazz, hip hop, rap, rock, classical, blues, folk or metal – there is bound to be a show on in the city that suits your style. Song writers galore live and work here, edgy teen bands have evening gigs in stylish cafes, the stadium attracts world-class acts, orchestras and choirs tune in to our senses.

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Printers’ ink in its veins

Books are a living part of Dunedin’s identity. As a UNESCO City of Literature with a large university, it’s no surprise that book stores of all kinds can be found here. From shiny new covers in the University Book Shop to the well-loved pages and obscure titles within The Hard to Find Bookshop or Dead Souls Bookshop, there is no shortage of places to satisfy bibliophiles.

Get the Dtour app which links remarkable writers and their stories to remarkable sites in Dunedin. You can also find the Dunedin Writers walk in the Octagon – the series of brass plaques set into the ground marks many inspirational writers. Take a stroll with Literary Walking Tours and learn why Dunedin thoroughly deserves its City of Literature status as a place where writers, books, and literature, thrive.

Exciting events take place in our libraries with lectures, performance, art and book launches often as part of festivals in the city.

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