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Cruising on the Monarch

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“All aboard the Monarch” yelled Buddy the captain. This was my first time on a boat and Buddy told us we were in for some smooth sailing, but he did say it’s actually more fun when it’s rough. I believe him too, he seemed to know everything about the boat, the sea and the animals – it was all really interesting. He even let me be captain behind the wheel for a while. My brother was really jealous and started pulling faces at me. I should have made him walk the plank but he'd just annoy the wildlife, too.

My favourite part of the trip was watching an Albatross trying to swallow a huge fish – it was much too big for him to swallow and the other birds were trying to steal it, but he wasn’t giving up. It reminded me of my sister when I am eating my dumplings – she’s always trying to steal them too.”

Finn, (9)