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Dunedin Wildlife and Conservation Charities

Dunedin has many committed wildlife and conservation charities working to protect the unique and endangered local wildlife and habitats. Find out more about volunteer opportunities or donating to the causes below:

Local Organisations:

Dunedin Wildlife Hospital

Aim: Veterinary facility specialising exclusively in the treatment of New Zealand’s native species.

Our services include receiving sick and injured animals, diagnosis and triage, treatment, hospitalisation and recovery, and working to ensure successful rehabilitation and release back to the native environment

Hawkesbury Lagoon

Aim: Planting, clearing and maintaining areas around the lagoon at Waikouaiti (East Otago).

Orokonui Ecosanctuary

Aim: Protection of plants and animals from predators within a 307 ha fenced sanctuary. Volunteers are needed for weeding and planting, pest and fence monitoring, track building and maintenance and regular care of habitat areas.

Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group

Aim: Eradicating possums from the Otago Peninsula is the primary focus. There are many ways that locals can get involved

Otago Peninsula Trust

Aim: Preserving and Enhancing Otago Peninsula for everyone to enjoy

Penguin Place

Aim: Habitat restoration, predator control, a research programme and on-site rehabilitation care for penguins that are sick, starving or wounded.

Predator Free Dunedin

Aim: Predator Free Dunedin by 2050 Predator Free Dunedin is a conservation collective formed to create a biodiversity rich city. 20 organisations working together, under one umbrella, to achieve predator free status over 31,000 hectares.

National Organisations working in or near to Dunedin

Forest and Bird

Aim: Protecting and restoring New Zealand's natural environment. Various volunteering opportunities around Dunedin

Bird Rescue NZ

Aim: accepts and cares for all New Zealand birds whether they are native, non-native or pet

Our Seas Our Future

Aim: Protecting New Zealand’s coastal and marine ecosystems through advocacy, education and environmental stewardship. Volunteer opportunities include Adopt-a-CoastTM, and coastal clean-up events.

Penguin Rescue

Aim: To remove yellow-eyed penguins off the endangered species list

Quarantine island community

Aim: Environmental and historic restoration, sustainability and spirituality are at the heart of this island community. Open weekends on the last weekend of each month, volunteers welcome for a day or multiple weeks. Activities include: native tree planting and follow-up, walking trail maintenance, weed and pest control and heritage restoration.

Save the Otago Peninsula

Aim: Protecting and enhancing the natural environment of the Otago Peninsula. Current working bees at Smiths Creek planting every Tuesday 9:30–12:30 pm and Sunday 10 am–1 pm. Volunteer tasks for all levels of abilities and skills.

Sea Lion Trust

Aim: provide protection to and education about this endangered mammal species.

Sinclair Wetlands

Aim: Restoration and enhancement of a large wetland south of Dunedin. Volunteers and community groups always welcome.

Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust

Aim: Saving yellow-eyed penguin by restoring coastal forest and controlling predators. Frequent workdays involving clearing, planting and maintaining areas of coastal penguin habitat