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Hill Suburbs

Dunedin is blessed with one of the world’s oldest town belts, a green belt of over 200 hectares planted with exotic and native trees and home to many birds.

Mornington, Roslyn and Māori Hill

One of Dunedin's many charms is the way its neighbourhoods are so elegantly draped across the city's amphitheatre of hills. Mornington, Roslyn and Māori Hill are thriving communities full of dainty cottages, grand villas and stunning views over Dunedin and the ocean beyond. There's a hint of San Francisco here, with steep streets and popular suburban dining and shopping spots dotted along the hilltops.

Mornington and its Cable Car

The dream of the High Street Cable Car Society is to reinstate a classic cable car service into town and back from Mornington, following High Street with its fabulous views of heritage homes, the city, sea and harbour. For now, you can visit their beautifully restored cars at Mornington Park each weekend and occasionally during the week. The jovial volunteer guides are passionate about these gorgeous vehicles and will relate colourful tales about their history and their hopes for greater things.

Mornington Park has a fun playground and slopes to roll down plus panoramic views to the Pacific Ocean, Otago Harbour, hinterland hillsides and the neighbouring suburbs of heritage homes. After gazing a while, stroll along Mailer Street and revive yourself at Grid, Alto or Tasse, the nearby neighbourhood cafés.

Mornington Skatepark

Tucked away in Mornington Park on Mailer St, the Mornington Skatepark has been a popular spot for generations of skateboarders and families. Now kids are turning up there to practise scooter and bike tricks and a bit of parkour. With a spine, rail, box, bowl, stairs and the deep Blood Bucket, there are plenty of challenges for all skill levels. Check out YouTube to see what the kids are getting up to down there.

Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park is enclosed by Serpentine Ave and Māori Rd and forms part of the Town Belt. It was named for the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria of Great Britain in 1887 when trees of the British Empire were planted in celebration. Further plantings of oaks and other trees from Great Britain have been undertaken since then, and the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth visited in 1954 and continued the tradition. There’s a carpark off Māori Rd then it’s a short walk across the playing field where you will find the small monument and a grove of oaks. Jubilee Park also has a mountain bike track rated as easy.

Jubilee Park

Beverley Begg Observatory

Stargazing enthusiasts and budding amateurs can head to the Beverley Begg Observatory at Robin Hood Park on Ross Street to survey the nightskies under the guidance of the Dunedin Astronomical Society. Sessions for the public run every Saturday and Sunday evening from March to November.


A stylish, village-style array of shops, cafes, quick foodie satisfiers, beauty spas and wide-angle views makes Roslyn a great place to indulge yourself. Grab a scrumptious snack at Rhubarb and Coffee Culture cafes or reward your stroll with a meal at Luna with its breathtaking views, or Kamome Japanese Restaurant and Bar. Find this charming area at the meeting of Highgate and City Road.

Māori Hill

Known for it's genteel homes and tree-lined streets, this hill suburb follows Highgate road. It has prized foodie havens dotted along it's ridge-line. Spelt Bakery swiftly runs out of its sought after breads and sweet treats. No. 7 Balmac restaurant is known for it's quality menu, often featuring ingredients sources from its organic backyard garden.

Otago Golf Club at Balmacewen

The trophy cabinet at the Otago Golf Club dates back to 1871 when the club was formed by some hardy golfers from Aberdeen, making it the oldest golf club in the Southern Hemisphere. They welcome visitors and offer a 15 minute tour on the history of the club. It’s an undulating parkland 18 hole course which provides a good walk and a few holes which involve hills. The biggest challenge is provided by the notorious par-4 11th hole, The Glen, which is situated in a long and narrow valley. Visitors are welcome enjoy a pie and a beer as guests of the club.

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Dunedin Town Belt

Dunedin is blessed with one of the world’s oldest town belts, a green belt of over 200 hectares planted with exotic and native trees and home to many birds. The Town Belt contains several parks and linked up walking tracks which provide pedestrian access to steep streets which lead down to the CBD. Dunedin’s hills give an infinite variety of vistas of the inner city, harbour, Pacific Ocean, diverse residential streets, and the surrounding countryside including Mount Cargill and Flagstaff. Take a drive or stroll through the area roughly enclosed by Princes St/George St, Eglinton Rd, Highgate and Pine Hill Rd and discover another reason why people love living in Dunedin.