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Monthly Economic Insights – Dunedin City

The monthly Dunedin Economic Update report provides context for economic and social wellbeing across Dunedin. The measures discussed in the report include:

  • Retail spending across Dunedin
  • The number of people visiting Dunedin from mobile phone records
  • Employment statistics and Jobseeker data
  • Trade statistics.

These measures have been chosen due to their timely availability. They should be taken as an overview of activity, rather than an exhaustive list of all aspects of the economy.

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Quarterly Economic Report – Dunedin City

The quarterly review of Dunedin’s economy reports on a range of key indicators and how it compares nationally against both economic and social indicators including gross domestic product, retail spending, tourism expenditure and housing etc.

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Annual Economic Profile – Dunedin City

The annual Dunedin city economic profile provides an in-depth review of Dunedin and how it compares to the rest of New Zealand. The report includes Dunedin’s key economic key measures such as GDP, employment measures, standard of living, population data, and business activity.

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Suzanne Jenkins

Suzanne Jenkins

Finance and Operations Manager