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An overview of guest nights in Dunedin

For the month of December 2016, Dunedin’s Total guest nights decreased -0.5% (to 85,050) when compared to December 2015; Domestic guest nights fell -4.6% and International guest nights rose +5.1%. New Zealand’s total guest nights for December were up +3.4%.

For the year ending December 2016, Total guest nights rose +2.3% (to 921,512) when compared with the previous year; Domestic guest nights fell -1.1% and International guest nights increased +8.7%. New Zealand’s total guest nights were up +6.2%. The average length of stay role from 1.75 nights to 1.80 nights and overall occupancy rose from 56.8% to 57.1%.

Tourism makes a significant contribution to Dunedin’s way of life providing experiences for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. A thriving visitor industry makes for a vibrant city and helps foster a sense of community pride. Tourism brings money to a wide range of sectors throughout the local economy and employs one in 20 Dunedinites.

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The collaborations and activity undertaken with our key partners and stakeholders lead us on the path to becoming one of the world’s great small cities.


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