My Dunedin Itinerary


There's something special about this place

Dunedin is New Zealand's best kept secret, located in the South Island this city is full of authentic welcoming characters that tell it like it is. With abundant wildlife on its door step and heritage buildings housing the great cafes and nightlife why wouldn't you visit.

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Uncover Hidden Dunedin

Discover Dunedin from a whole new perspective this spring and explore the hidden gems that make this boutique city so special

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Urban Adventures

Immerse yourself in the intriguing twists and turns of Dunedin to uncover a bewitching combination of quirkiness, character and urban cool

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Spring Dining Scene

Foodies and coffee fiends on the hunt for amazing epicurean adventures will be spoilt for choice in this petite city. An astounding array of eateries can be found cossetted away in Dunedin’s heritage buildings, down alleyways, on hilltops and other equally intriguing locations. Check out some of the below suggestions for spring.

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Get the Inside Scoop

Check out Insiders Dunedin for the downlow on the quirky and colourful people, places and experiences that make this city so beguiling.

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Shopping Nirvana

Find out about Dunedin’s amazing kaleidoscope of independent boutiques, nearly all within walking distance of the Octagon.

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"Dunedin is full of hidden gems"

Dunedin is full of hidden gems, wee alley ways, new businesses, bars, restaurants and recreational activities. Insiders Dunedin is the platform to source all the best local tips, stories and things to do to make your life or visit in Dunedin a little more special.

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