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Dunedin growth offers long-term work prospects

Dunedin growth offers long-term work prospects

Construction in Dunedin is set to reach heights similar to those of the gold rush days.

Growing strength in the areas of health, education, tech industries, hospitality and tourism has led to a simultaneous rise in renewal projects and new builds that looks set to last for years to come.

The new $1.3 billion, high-tech Dunedin hospital alone will create demand for skilled workers across the whole building sector pool. Add to that multiple University of Otago renovation and build projects, planned waterfront and city centre enhancement work, and ongoing programmes of roading, transport and infrastructure improvements.

High end, niche accommodation initiatives are popping up all over the city, too, along with quirky laneway schemes set to house multiple commercial tenants.

These projects ensure a demand for skilled tradespeople, engineers, designers, landscapers, project managers and more. A flow-on demand for support services will follow.

Dunedin is adopting circular economy goals, too. Given the significant projects in the pipe-line, this presents unique opportunities for start-up businesses to creatively make the most of construction waste and demolition material.

Enterprise Dunedin Business Relationship Manager, Des Adamson, says, “The number of projects on the table is increasing. I am aware of large initiatives coming up with budgets ranging from $11 million to $120 million.”

Des recommends that, if you’re a skilled worker wanting to get in on the ground floor with Dunedin organisations likely to pick up major contracts, it’s a good idea to send your CV directly to them and remain in touch. Keep an eye on recruitment agencies and find out more about the city, too.

Des adds, “We’re a great small city, with great lifestyle opportunities and we’re in an exciting period of growth that looks likely to continue steadily for many years.

“If you’re a skilled worker thinking of moving here to be a part of it, it’s a good idea to lay a platform with local construction or engineering-related businesses such as Calder Stewart, Amalgamated Builders, Naylor Love, Fletchers, Foleys Dunedin, Farra Engineering, Adams Plumbing Drainage and Electrical, and others in associated industries.”

Dunedin-focused recruiting agencies include: