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Lots of plants, even more fun - Wal’s Plant and Fun Land

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“I thought Mosgiel was for old people, so I'm not sure why they put the best fun park ever out here. They have mini golf, trains, a maze and a cafe. Wal's was so much fun... for all ages, but not when your nana and your little brother beat you at mini golf - it just wasn't my day.

While mum, dad and nana explored the maze of plants, we explored the maze made by plants. It took us a while and we had to work together, but we made it to the middle, and out again - just in time for an ice block from the cafe.

My brother wanted to go on the mini trains. I said I was too old for them but that didn’t stop nana. I’ll admit, it did look kind of cool when it went over bridges and through tunnels. Maybe next time I’ll go on one.”

Grace (12)