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Time out in Timezone

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Arcade entertainment makes a timely return to Dunedin withTimezone tucked away at the far end of the Golden Centre Mall. Much like a game of Tetris, they’ve crammed in an impressive range of games, from the old classics to the latest in Virtual Reality - even bumper cars. We asked the experts what they thought…

Claire (12)

“I really liked the bumper cars because I got to get revenge on my brother who kept beating me at the basketball game. Take that Thomas…”

Ethan (14)

“The VR ride was so cool. I chose the roller coaster and it was just like the roller coaster I went on at Movie World when I was 12, except way more freakier. All the Timezone staff do it on their breaks too, it’s that addictive.”

Harry (7)

“I got lots of tickets but I decided to save them up to get the glow in the dark slime. It’s hard though because they have so many lollies that I want to get.”

Peta (9)

“I want to have my birthday party here. The boys can do car racing and shooting games all day long and the girls can play Crossy Road and take photos in the photo booth… or show them how good we are at the shooting game too.”

Chi (7)

“If it's not a nice day outside we usually come to Timezone in the mall. It's the best place for kids... even, ahh big kids.”

Charlie (30 - big kid)

“It’s missing the classics like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but there’s some new twists on some old favourites like Space Invaders and Frogger to keep us oldies happy. It’s awesome, but I’m struggling to accept that I’m an analog player in a digital world.”