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St Clair Hot Pool

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"I really like the hot salt water pool because sometimes I don’t want to swim at the beach because it’s too cold. I think the seals want to go in the pool because when they lie on the rocks they can see the pool and it probably looks really fun and warm. I think they should let the seals play in the pool so they don’t get cold... well, maybe only the baby ones. And they should put fish in here so they don’t get hungry. It would be so cool to swim with the seals and it would make the pool even more fun."

Indie (7)

"I am also a fan of the water temperature at the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool. No shivers and no sand are both wins, as is the café. Not sure how I feel about the seal and fish idea, though. And I’m pretty sure the pool staff wouldn’t go for it. I imagine there’d be a lot of terrified swimmers, terrified seals, terrified fish and some very filthy water. It sounds like a recipe for disaster … or nightmare chowder."

Indie's dad