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Rob Roy Ice Cream

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In most places getting an ice-cream is a summer treat, but Dunedin isn’t like most places. Here, ice-cream is a year-round, all kinds of weather affair.

Rob Roy Ice Creams

One iconic corner dairy is so synonymous with ice creams you’ll have a car full of mates ready to go as soon as you say “Rob Roy?”

If you’re prone to indecisiveness, it’s probably best you go into Rob Roy Dairy with a plan. You don’t want to be the person that gets to the front, realises there are more than 30 different flavours and panic buys vanilla…and not even vanilla bean or French vanilla, but vanilla vanilla.

The shop sells tens of thousands of litres of ice-cream every year and has even been named Tip Top’s biggest seller of scooped ice cream in the country.

Rob Roy Ice Creams

This stat is probably helped by the sheer number of gravity-defying quad-scoop ice-creams that leave the parlour.

If that seems intimidating, the more conquerable but still rather sizeable Learner Cone might take your fancy.

You might even notice a tub of homemade Bikkie Batter on display, which will take you back to when you used to lick the spoon while “helping” grandma make choccy chip cookies.

Whatever you don’t pick you can just try next time. Because trust us, there will be a next time.