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Natures Wonders

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"We pretended the Argo was a moon buggy. There’s no penguins or seals on the moon, but there might be albatross, cause they can fly pretty high. The Argo went all over the farm and down to the beaches where the seals and birds are nesting, and we got to see penguins and baby seals. It was cool because you don’t really get to see that stuff otherwise because you can only get to them from Natures Wonders. The best part of the was when a penguin almost pooped on my brother - that's how close you can get!"

Isaac (9)

"It was great. Not your typical tour, that’s for sure – this was a bit more exciting and a lot of banter from the guide. We did get an incredible look at the breeding grounds for the fur seals and penguins. It's very special part of the country they have access to. And seems to have been a hit with the kids – they haven’t stopped talking about it!"

Isaac's dad