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Museum of Natural Mystery

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Housed in an old villa enclosed by a fence painted with peculiar symbols you’ll find a den of mystery.

The Museum of Natural Mystery

A poster says, “just the right amount of weird” and that summarises what you’re in for.

The Museum of Natural Mystery isn’t just a collection of foreign objects, weird relics, and macabre oddities, it’s almost part scavenger hunt.

The Museum of Natural Mystery

The jar full of preserved monarch butterflies or the bust made from animal teeth and bones may grab your attention from the offset, but it’s often the smallest things have the most interesting stories.

The Museum of Natural Mystery

Intentionally hidden like needles in a haystack, on your third or fourth lap around you will realise there’s another layer of unique items you completely overlooked in the beginning.

The Museum of Natural Mystery

Pushed to the back of cabinets and pinned high on walls, there’s a plate owned by the last man executed for stealing sheep, the signed party hat of an Oscar winner or a broken camera from the recent US Capitol riots.

“All the labels are true,” says the curator/owner with a wry grin.

Literally filled to the rafters with stories; an unflashy, unpretentious collection for the curious.