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A latin term, Moiety refers to two equal parts in which a thing can be divided. Here the two parts that make up the whole are the food and the service. Owners Sam and Kim, who serve as chef and front of house, opened Moiety in 2018 to bring Dunedin the best of both.

The pair have worked hard to bridge the gap between local growers, farmers, fisherman and diners. To do this they’ve built relationships with all the star producers who supply Moiety with some of the regions (perhaps the world’s) best fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, cheeses, wines and more. Moiety’s five course dinner menu is supported by these seasonal components and showcases the area without the pretentious airs you might expect a multi course meal to have.

Moiety keeps things approachable in more ways than one. The menu, for starters, is short and sweet. The top portion features simple yet delicious snacks like sourdough with cultured butter and soft cow cheese with lavosh. If you’ve come hungry, these’ll tide you over until your first course arrives. All of the snack options pair well with Moiety’s range of local wines and it’s not uncommon to see locals pop in for a quick drink and a nibble.


Beneath the snack items you’ll find Moiety’s dinner menu. Always five courses, dinner here is a true celebration of Otago’s bounty. Sam changes two to three of the plates every fews weeks so there’s always something new to be explored. Dishes like beetroot with mandarin, curd, walnut and onion and popcorn with parsnip and honey are laid out plainly on the menu and give just a glimpse of what’s to come.

The menu wraps with a short message, “Please have a willingness to try new things you might not ordinarily prefer. Honestly, if it didn’t taste good it wouldn’t be on the menu.’ At Moiety this cheeky mantra just makes sense. Sam knows how to make each and every component sing, while Kim and the front of house team take time to explain the dishes in greater detail as they are served. Flavourful, colorful, delicious representations of the region and the stories that accompany them go out with every plate.

Moiety’s approach is unique and exciting. It resonates with people and is one you simply have to try for yourself - it even earned Moiety a coveted Cuisine Good Food Awards hat in 2019.

The dinner menu is generally gluten free and other dietary needs can be catered to.

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Written by Neat Places