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Isaac’s top Dunedin rides for little legs

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1. Beside the water (Harbour Cycleway)

“I like how the wind makes me go faster on the way back. It means we can get ice creams quicker.”

2. By the beach (John Wilson Drive)

“Our dog loves meeting other dogs and I like dodging them on my bike.”

3. The mini city (Marlow Park Bike Track)

“I like pretending I’m a car. I still don’t understand the roundabout though.”

4. The pump track (Walton Park Pump Track)

“It’s the best place in the world to do skids and jumps.”

5. The remote control car racetrack

“It’s like a race track for kids. One day there was a remote control car there and we raced it but we lost because it had turbo boost.”

Isaac (7)