My Dunedin Itinerary

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Hooning around Otago Harbour

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“One sunny day we parked at the yacht club, unloaded our bikes and started our adventure around the new harbour track. Straight away we saw a seal eating an octopus in the water. Lots of people watched the underwater wrestling match with us. It was cool looking at the little boat sheds. We played a game where we had to pick our favourite one and imagine living in it. I chose the one with fish on the side because there are lots of fish in the harbour.

We made it to Macandrew Bay, got some chips and played at the park for a while. We got back on our bikes and went over some more bridges and around more bays. We saw lots of birds, dogs, walkers and bikers, e-bikers and even a yacht sailing past us. We made it to the big pineapple rock and decided to stop there. We explored the rock and down by the water. Dad said it would be easier on the way home with a tail wind but the wind changed so we had a head wind again – bad luck! It was fine though, the track is flat and smooth so we could go really fast.

Me and my brother had a race back to see who could win shot gun for the front seat. I won and dad was miles behind us. It was good to have somewhere to go fast. When we got back dad’s phone told us we biked 27km’s! He said we could be in the Olympics one day if we keep that up. Soon we’ll be able to bike all the way to Port Chalmers and the boat will take us back over the water with our bikes so we don’t have to bike all the way back! If you have bike, you need to get out and do this ride. It’s the fastest, coolest ride in Dunedin and your parents will be proud.”

Jamieson (12)