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Hiking and Biking in Middlemarch

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Hello Insiders Dunedin, my name is Toby and here is a diary of my day in Middlemarch.

9am: We leave behind a sunny Dunedin day to drive to Middlemarch. First we went through Mosgiel, then Outram and drove past lots of cool rocks. It is a very easy place to find. Just follow the signs.

10am: We decided to walk to Sutton Salt Lake. My mum said sometimes it is empty and you can walk out to the middle, but today is was full. The walk didn’t take too long and we had fun hiding and exploring in the rocks.

12pm: Dad said we were going to something called the Kissing Gate and tricked me by saying I had to kiss someone to get in. I was relieved when I found out it was just the name of a cafe. The food was great and filled our bellies for what was coming next.

1pm: We had a quick look at the museum. Everything was very old and was filled with lots of railway and farm stuff. It was quite interesting, especially the submarine, which is the only one in New Zealand. It should be in Dunedin though because the Salt Lake isn’t deep enough for it.

2pm: We biked on the Otago Central Rail Trail. It’s a really easy ride, even for my little sister. We didn’t do the whole trip because that takes days, but we did make it to some tunnels and a huge bridge. It’s the best bike track I’ve ever done and one day I want to do all of it!

5pm: After a long bike ride we were all very hungry and thirsty and Dad said he knew a good place to go, so off we went to the Strath Taieri Hotel for some burgers. After that we drove home back through the rocks. A great day in Middlemarch!

Toby (12)