My Dunedin Itinerary

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Greta’s big weekend at the Botanic Garden

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“In the weekend I went to the gardens (Dunedin Botanic Garden). I saw lot of animals like birds, ducks and a giant silver worm to play on. Even the café is named after an animal (Croque-o-dile Café) and their food was yum!

We got a ride around the gardens on a tractor train and waved at all the people sitting in the sun. After that we got some free duck food and went to the pond to feed them. I held out my hand and one of them ate out of my hand. It tickled. I named him Quacky because he would quack if other ducks got too close to his food.

When the ducks got full we explored the rest of the gardens. We found a hot glasshouse with gold fish (Edwardian Glasshouse), a playground, a fountain surrounded by huge trees and beautiful flowers. There was so much to see my legs got tired. I wished that train could take us to our car so we didn’t have to walk.”

Greta (11)