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Exploring Toitu

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“There was so much interesting stuff to see and do at Toitu. We started at the gift shop which was a bad idea, because my sister didn’t want to leave, so parents – save that for the end! It was raining when we went and it was a good place to get out of the rain. The little straw hut was cool and was funny watching the little kids think the fire was real! The ship was fun, it sounded and looked real and we tried out the clothes and beds – they weren’t very comfy – they must have had lots of bad sleeps. The faces rooms (Smith Gallery) was a little creepy but the screens told us who they were and what they did. It was fun trying to guess their names – like a giant game of Guess Who.

Down the other end of the building were lots of old cars, buses and trams which we could climb on and go for a pretend ride. There was a giant bike (Penny Farthing) there too and none of us could reach the pedals – not even Mum! Best of all was the play area with the dress ups, blocks, and art stuff. Oh wait, that wasn’t the best bit, the lollie cake from the café was!”

Claudia (11)