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Estelle Flowers

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Estelle Flowers has made a name for itself as the forerunner of Dunedin flower fashion. Adding a touch of colourful botany to Moray Place, Estelle is a Parisian-style florist run by Jolene Wilkinson. After learning her craft in the French capital, Jolene decided to bring her interest in flowers back to sunny Dunedin, where she now produces beautiful bouquets and flowery wonders by request.

With weddings, banquets, and funerals keeping the business busy all year round, Estelle floral arrangements have also been found on film sets, international sports events and in the arms of Kate Middleton. The sky is the limit for this authentic botanist. Jolene sources her flowers locally where possible, and a seasonal touch keeps the arrangements interesting and different. With such a successful start, there are many watching in anticipation to see what the next few years brings for this special flower enterprise.

Words by Abigail Egden

Photography by Naomi Haussmann

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