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Dog-friendly Dunedin

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Find out what dogs love doing in Dunedin… well, from their master’s perspective, at least.

Where to stay

From holiday parks like Dunedin Holiday Park and Leith Valley Holiday Park; to  motels like Palms Motel , Bella Vista Motel Dunedin and George Street Motel - there are options galore for dogs to bunk up for the night and plenty more - just enquire at booking. Also, try ticking the ‘pet friendly’ box on sites like Airbnb to find everything from basic kennel-like accomodation, to something more high end such as Karitane’s Cloud 9 Retreat, which is fit for the Queen’s Corgi’s.

Where to eat, drink and shop

Here’s just a few purveyors that allow the pitter-patter of paws in their premises.

  • Emerson’s Taproom – outdoor covered courtyard with heaters - super pooch friendly staff always come in for a pat.
  • Nichol’s Garden Centre – pets allowed in the garden centre and it goes without saying, the onsite pet store, too.
  • Ironic Café & Bar – great dog friendly courtyard across from the Dunedin Railway Station.
  • Steamer Basin - hidden down an alleyway, owners love knowing their dogs are safe in the outdoor area.
  • Good Good -  Dogs can sit with you at the tables in the entrance (probably because it draws people in!).
  • Long Dog Cafe - Bring your dog to keep the seagulls away from your lunch as you enjoy the salty sea air. Dog treats on hand with a percentage of the proceeds donated to Dunedin Dog Rescue.
  • Arc Brewery - a great courtyard for dogs to mingle with a complimentary bowl of water.
  • EBB Cafe -  allows dogs in their courtyard which has an outdoor fire.

Where to play

It certainly is a dogs life in Dunedin with all sorts of terrain to run free - from beaches to burn off energy, mountains to climb, forests to explore, rivers to swim and six dedicated dog parks to mingle. Speaking of run free, dogs can be off-leash if under control almost anywhere unless otherwise stated - check here before you go.

Don’t forget, we share the Dunedin outdoors with some of the world’s most unique wildlife. Check out the Dunedin Wildlife Care Code to ensure you, your pooch and the wildlife can enjoy these spaces safely.

Unique experiences

  • It’s unlikely your dog will ever step paws on the grounds of a castle, expect for Larnach Castle, where dogs are welcome to stroll the internationally significant gardens on a leash. Don’t forget to take your token “look-at-my-dog-in-front-of-a-castle” photo for your ‘gram.
  • There’s not a lot of gardens that allow dogs but Glenfalloch Garden is one of them. Your dog will love the new scents while roaming the beautiful garden tracks.
  • You can take your dog aboard the ferry from Port Chalmers to Portobello with Port to Port Cruises. You’ll probably pass a few locals out their on their paddleboards with their dogs riding shotgun too, so be sure to give them a wave.
  • Take a walk up the world’s steepest street, Baldwin Street to really tire them out for the night.