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Culinary Comforts

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When the sun is low in the sky and the long winter nights are closing in, shrug off the winter lethargy, rug up warm and head to Dunedin's snug little bars and eateries to while away the winter.

Mr Fox

Foxes don’t hibernate, but Mr Fox is happy to accommodate hibernating humans. Make your way downstairs to the cosy Mr Fox den and find a spot to settle. You’ll find a great drinks menu full of beer, wine and foxtails and a hearty little tapas menu to sustain you in your torpor.

Pizza Bar

The seat beside the pizza oven could quite possibly be the cosiest seat in Dunedin. But if that’s not warm enough, Pizza Bar's Spicy Pie, drizzled in hot honey and chilli should up the temperature a coupe of notches.


Duck down the alley to Pequeño. It’s small, comfy, loungey and the fire’s always roaring, so order a cocktail and an antipasto and bags a spot by the fire - the perfect way to kickstart your night out, or wind down.

No7 Balmac

A wood-fired menu is an inspired approach to surviving winter, and it means No7 Balmac has positioned itself as an ideal winter residence. It’s as cosy inside as it is outside with the sheltered deck and outdoor fireplace, which means No7 Balmac can host your private winter gathering or a casual brunch with friends.

Dining Vaults at Distinction Hotel

You’ll be safe, secure and well insulated when you book a private dining experience for two or more in the vaults at Parcels Restaurant. Order off the standard menu or have the staff create a tailored menu just for you to add to the experience. The cushy and intimate rooms are obviously well insulated and have luxurious décor unique to each of the vaults - a little bit of luxe hidden away in downtown Dunedin.


Woof feels like home but with cooler ephemera and a better range of beer, wine and cocktails. You can stay toasty inside while you watch the weather and the after-work crowds put their collars up and brace themselves to cross the road. Whether you want a quick drink with friends or a drawn-out evening of drinks, snacks and talk, you’ll want to be at Woof.

Arc Brewing Co

A winter weekend drive, small batch brews on tap, live music and a different food truck each weekend means you’ll discover something new to try each time you visit Arc Brewing Co. Break the winter weekend monotony and if it's too brisk for their beer garden, hunker down by their epic fireplace.


Porridge has always been on par with caviar in Dunedin, but Adjø takes it to another level. Drop in for breakfast and coffee or your evening meal and a wine. Serving nordic dishes, with rye bread, sardines and mackerel standard items on the menu, this is the food of winter climes and will keep you fuelled for the season.

The Portsider

Mulled wine, craft beers on tap and a roaring fire are just some of what makes the Portsider the place to be on a winter’s day. Nab a table by the window and watch the passers-by or chat to the locals over a pint or two. The simple menu, with dishes cooked to perfection, and the welcoming atmosphere and staff will make you want to see out the winter right where you are.

Ballroom Café at Larnach Castle

It isn’t exactly nookish, but the Ballroom Café's grand fireplace and general opulence guarantee your comfort and cosiness. With hot food  a great selection of hot drinks or a wee dram of whiskey for those so inclined, this is the grandest way to winter in sumptuous surrounds.

Inch Bar

Inch Bar’s compactness means that everyone could huddle together for warmth if they had to, but with the fire blazing, you’ll be thankful for a bit of space and a cold craft beer. Depending on the day, you might strike an open mic night or a gig, but any day is a good day to meet your friends there for a relaxed winter afternoon catch-up that extends into the evening.


If watching the surfers donned in head-to-toe neoprene sprinting along the Esplanade doesn’t make you feel warm, then sitting fireside in cosy Italian restaurant, the Esplanade will. Speaking of fires, their woodfired pizza is the best in the business.