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Clip, Climb, Leap, Repeat

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“I really like Clip ‘n Climb. It has cool equipment and the different walls are really fun to climb. And even though some of the climbing walls are pretty freaky and high, it’s fine. I can climb all of them.

Leap of Faith’s awesome because you have to jump and try to hold onto the bag or you will just fall. Most of my friends are too scared to do it because they don’t do parkour like me, so they aren’t used to it. I remember being scared when I first tried it, but I you’re on a harness so it’s safe. I like the trampolines at Leap, too. They’re really good for practising my back flips.

I'm really happy that we have Clip ‘n Climb and Leap here. At home, I'm always getting told not to climb all over the furniture, but here I can climb and jump as much as I want. Although, I still get told off for climbing too high and not coming down. Parents - you can't win!”

Kali (12)

“This place reminds me of that show Gladiators. I would have given anything for a place like this when I was twelve, but my upper-body strength leaves a lot to be desired these days. Leg strength, too, come to think of it. And my nerves.”

Kali’s mum