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Brighton Boat Hire

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Feel the nostalgia of those classic summer days before cell phones or internet became the norm. Brighton Boat Hire has been taken over by new owners who have brought a fresh new outlook to the classic retro beachside business.

Children paddle blue and yellow kayaks down a creek.

New kayaks, canoes and paddle boats are available from the boat shed which sits upon Otokia Creek.

The shed has also been kitted out with a new retail area stocking locally made skincare, candles, slow fashion apparel and surf photography.

Apparel and home goods in the retail part of the boat shed.

Paddle your way down the creek as the houses turn to hills and find a spot for a picnic along the way.

The creek begins wide and thins out as you head up the valley. It opens into marshlands where wildlife can be found or heard.

As the creek turns, there is an impressive cliff that looks more like it should be a part of Taieri Gorge than Brighton.

Pedal boats and kayaks on the creek.

The creek continues to narrow before you eventually come to a bridge. Many turn around at this stage, but we suggest you limbo under if you can, it’s worth it as the best part of the adventure comes next.

The creek gets a bit Amazonian as it begins to wind and overhanging trees obstruct the way, making you consider having to reverse out (making beeping sounds like a forklift is optional).

Two kayakers on the creek paddle towards a rocky mound.
A kayaker lies flat and paddles under the bridge.

Your fun day out can also be your good deed for the day as 10% of the boat hire profit is donated to the Otokia Creek and Marsh Habitat Trust for tree planting and habitat restoration. This means you have given back to the environment you have just enjoyed exploring.

Once you’re back at the boat shed, shrug off your lifejacket and head to the dairy next door for real fruit ice cream.

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An adult and child in a kayak paddle on the creek.