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Blue Penguins Pukekura

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“First we met at the Albatross Centre and listened to lots of interesting penguin facts, like how far they swim and what animals try and eat them – which I think is pretty mean. Then we walked down lots of stairs to get to the secret beach where the penguins come in. While we waited, we learned lots about the their cute little homes and some of the plants around there. When the sun went down we heard a penguin call out – this was our signal to go and watch them come in, but oh no… there was a huge sea lion on the path where they usually come up! Sea Lions and Little Blue Penguins aren’t the best of friends so we were worried the penguins wouldn’t come up and we wouldn’t get to see them, but they snuck up very quietly… around the rocks and made a dash for their homes. So many come in – over 100 I think. I lost count. I loved watching them waddle up the beach, happy after catching fish all day… which is more than I can say for my dad when he goes fishing. We got really close to them and they loved getting their photos taken. Once they were all tucked up in their beds we learned lots about the stars. It was such a cool thing to do. I want to bring my whole class out here. I can’t wait to go home and put on my penguin onesies!”

Lucy (10)