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The world's steepest street

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“Baldwin Street is the steepest street in the world. Another country tried to take it, but we got it back so we can walk up it now, which is really lucky.

When I was at the bottom it looked like it was so high that I couldn't get to the top, but I can because I’m good at walking up really big hills. The other hills don’t have steps on them but Baldwin Street has steps because it makes it easier to get to the top. If you get tired you can sit down on the seats if you need to.

I needed to sit down because my legs felt a little bit wobbly, but I wasn’t tired. Mum thought walking up Baldwin Street to roll Jaffas down would wear us out, but she doesn't know that I ate half of the Jaffas on the way up, so I don't think I'll be getting to sleep early tonight.

I'm going to help my brother roll his Jaffas down so I can save my ones.”

Olivia (7)

“I could do with some of those Jaffas and a drink of water. It’s a bit of fun to walk up here – the kids are fascinated by the houses and the idea that people live on this street. The views from the top are wonderful, too, because you look out at the Quarry Gardens and the hills, and it’s all looking very lush and green these days.

Luckily for me the kids take their time walking up, so I get a few rest stops, and the Jaffa rolling gives me a chance to sit and recover from the exertion. We usually alternate between walking back down Baldwin Street and heading down through the hazelnut orchard. It depends whether or not the kids want to walk on the zig-zag steps or see how far their Jaffas got.”

Olivia’s mum