My Dunedin Itinerary

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An island holiday - in Dunedin

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“Mum said we were going on a cruise to an island so I packed my togs and my passport but it turns out we didn't need any of them. We did have fun doing a treasure hunt on our very own island though and the boat ride over was so much fun.

The boat was called Sootychaser (Port to Port Cruises). I like the name – it sounds like a playful dog. They had a rope swing and some old buildings to explore. We played badminton in one of them. Mum sat in the sun at the picnic area while I played with the chickens and climbed the big tree. We stayed there for a couple of hours and when we left the chickens came to say good bye which was really cute. On the way back, we were really close to a massive ship and we made it toot it’s horn.”

Madelin (10)