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An afternoon at Larnach Castle

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“Larnach Castle is my favourite place to explore in Dunedin. One time my brother wanted a race to the top of the castle but unfortunately for me, the gift shop slowed me down.

We could see so much from the top of the castle and mum took lots of photos. On the way down we tried to imagine what it would be like to live there and chose our own bedrooms - of course, I got the master bedroom and my brother chose the dungeon - which suits me!

The spiral staircases were dizzying but much more fun than taking an elevator, and the castle was full of cute little bits and pieces - look, but don’t touch!

The gardens were really cool too, with lots to explore and places to hide. We found a big red chair fit for a princess, a pond filled with tadpoles, a wishing well, and lots of animal statues. The lions were the best.

After all that running around we got some kids lunches from the cafe and sat by the fountain. Mum got a delicious scone but by the time all of us had a nibble of it she basically had none left, so make sure you order two!

I can’t wait to go back one day soon… I’ll try and remember not to get distracted by the gift shop!”

Ashling (12)