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Biking & cycling

Dunedin is a biker’s playground. A compact layout and a flat run for commuting in the city, great mountain biking tracks and views from the peaks as well as historical rides along the Otago Central Rail Trail.

Mountain Biking

Dunedin is a mountain biker’s playground and single track trails can be found in every direction. Year-round the city is perfect for mountain biking, with hillside tracks to suit all abilities, winding through beautiful native and exotic forests. MTB Otago have excellent information on all of Dunedin’s mountain biking tracks. Popular rides include:

- Signal Hill

- Bethunes Gully

- Whare Flare

- Redwoods/Wakari Creek

- Leith Valley


Road Cycling

Dunedin is a fantastic city for cycling. A compact layout and a flat run all the way from the top of North East Valley through to South Dunedin and St Clair beach, or around the Harbour, make Dunedin easy to get around by bike.

The Otago Harbour Trail provides flat riding and beautiful scenery for commuters and recreational riders alike, soon you will be able to loop the harbour in 2023. The hills and bays around the city and on the Peninsula provide ample opportunity for riding, at all levels of difficulty, set against a stunning backdrop of hill, Harbour, and coastal scenery.

Our network of dedicated cycle lanes, shared pedestrian and cycling paths, and some of the popular cycling routes into and out of the city are described here to help you get around safely and enjoyably.

View Dunedin City Cycle Maps

Otago Central Rail Trail

The Otago Central Rail Trail is a 150-kilometre walking, cycling and horse riding track in the South Island of New Zealand. The trail runs in an arc between Middlemarch and Clyde, along the route of the former Otago Central Railway. This is a very popular trail and accommodation should be booked well in advance, ask the i-Site Visitor Centre to help you.


Biking in Dunedin

Find all the best places to cycle around the Dunedin and wider Otago region with a guide, and places to hire all kinds of bikes, e-bikes and gear.

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