My Dunedin Itinerary

Featured Events

Be part of something special when you visit, Dunedin’s event-rich calendar features many wonderful activities during the winter months.

James Cameron – Challenging the Deep

29 July 2019 – 9 February 2020

Historically, Dunedin has been the jumping off point for some great voyages of exploration, so it’s no surprise the city’s Otago Museum has secured exclusive New Zealand rights to host the blockbuster exhibition James Cameron – Challenging the Deep. Developed by the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney in collaboration with the Avatar Alliance Foundation, the exhibition takes visitors to the depths of our oceans through the lens of Cameron’s underwater cameras. His other incredible technological innovations have made it possible to explore some of the most mysterious parts of our planet.

Cameron has documented the shipwrecks of RMS Titanic and the German battleship Bismarck, explored deep ocean phenomena, such as black smoker hydrothermal vents, and discovered new species from the lowest point on earth. Challenging the Deep allows James Cameron to bring people with him on some of his journeys of discovery.

New Zealand International Film Festival

1 – 18 August

The impressive Dunedin programme for this year’s New Zealand International Film Festival offers a wide selection of the world’s best new films and over a dozen New Zealand movies of the highest quality. You’ll get to see diverse and exciting movies from that set in Casablanca’s Old Medina, to art-saturated cartoons for adults and animation for kids, Swedish sci-fi and the Aretha Franklin film released after being held in legal limbo for 45 years. Many are fresh from the Cannes film festival. The line-up includes two short film collections - Ngā Whanaunga Māori Pasifika Shorts 2019 and New Zealand’s Best, the latter having been selected by guest selector and film maker Jane Campion.

In Motion: The Moving Parts of Contemporary Art

18 May – 29 September

This exhibition explores ideas of movement, motion and interactivity through artworks by Sara Hughes, Tiffany Singh, Rebecca Baumann, and Haines + Hinterding. This family-friendly, hands on exhibition invites audiences to explore kinetic sculpture, including two recent acquisitions of works by Rebecca Baumann that use movement and automation as a means of experiencing colour, light and space. Geology (2015), by Haines + Hinterding, invites viewers to use their body and actions to explore a three-dimensional digital world, while Tiffany Singh’s Make A House A Home Project (2019) uses art to activate a community exchange, forging connections between individuals throughout our city. Finally, Sara Hughes’ All My Favourite Shapes (2019) invites gallery visitors to make decisions about composition, form and colour using a series of colourful magnets on the gallery wall.