My Dunedin Itinerary

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Malls & shopping centres

Discover a world of shopping in Dunedin's malls & shopping centres.

Golden Centre Mall

Attached to the Meridian and Wall St Malls, the Golden Centre Mall has it all from womens accessories and fashion, to video games and jewellery, and an international food court.


Meridian Mall

This fully enclosed Mall features shopping spread over three levels so access to all of your favourite stores is a breeze, and with on-site parking for 650 cars, Meridian offers all of the convenience, service, style and selection you could ask for.

Meridian also boasts an international food court and a number of food and cafe retailers spread across the three levels of this fantastic Centre. Meridian’s food offering has everything from burgers and fries, to Chinese and Indian cuisine, right through to Japanese sushi and great coffee a plenty.


Wall St Mall

At Wall Street Mall's heart is a large central atrium allowing natural light to filter through, which resembles an open palazzo. This architectural design links Dunedin streets and neighbouring malls, allowing shoppers to shelter from Dunedin’s sometimes variable weather.

Wall Street Mall brings you boutique shopping with internationally loved brands in an elegant, enclosed and gracious shopping space. Wall Street offers you books, music, fashion, flowers, lingerie, fragrance and cosmetics, beautiful handmade products, gift shops, delicious food and great coffee.