My Dunedin Itinerary

Family activities

Dunedin is a safe and family friendly city. Here are some ideas of ways to spend time in Dunedin with your family.

Beaches & Watery Fun

Dunedin has an array of stunning white beaches and a number of public swimming pools with fantastic facilities.

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City Adventures

Dunedin is a treasure trove of family fun! From the big stars to the hidden gems, a day in Dunedin will be an absolute adventure for your family, no matter what budget you are on.

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Dunedin Street Art Trail

Dunedin has a rich history in the arts and of making art freely available for all to enjoy. It is unsurprising, then, that the city is now embracing street art, with an increasing number of blank walls being transformed into works of art by local and international artists.

Experience these vibrant, whimsical artworks on the Dunedin Street Art trail. Artists include ROA (Belguim), Pixel Pancho (Italy), Phlegm (UK), Natalia Rak (Poland), Dal East (China), Mica Still (NZ) to name a few.

Currently there are 28 walls in the trail and the walk takes around 90 mins to complete. You can pick up a copy of the map at the Dunedin i-SITE Visitor Centre or view the map here.

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Family Events

The city’s event-rich calendar features many wonderful activities for children of all ages at all times of the year, with the added bonus of entertaining the parents too! Experience the magic of the lantern parade during Mid Winter Carnival, be a part of something special whilst you are here.

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Get Out & About

Looking for some ideas to get out and about with the family? We have some ideas...

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Baldwin Street

In Dunedin’s North East Valley, Baldwin Street is one of the world's steepest city streets. The street runs up the northern side of Signal Hill, at slopes of up to 1:2.86 (for 2.86m horizontal distance, a rise of 1m). Try counting the steps; it takes about  ten minutes, just to walk about 350 metres! But don't worry, there's a drinking fountain at the top. Insiders Tip - Walking  backwards is heaps easier!