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Tunnel Beach

Tunnel Beach has been called the most romantic spot in Dunedin

Feel like you are in a Victorian novel and visit the stunning and evocative Tunnel Beach, where in the 1870’s John Cargill, a son of Captain William Cargill, excavated a tunnel down to a secluded beach so that the Cargill families could bathe in privacy away from the prying eyes of St Clair.

Tunnel Beach has been called the most romantic spot in Dunedin. The beach has massive sandstone boulders and mysterious graffiti carved into the cliffs. We don't recommend swimming as there can be a dangerous rip there, such as that which sadly drowned Cargill's youngest daughter.

Definitely best visited at low tide, this beach is a twenty minute walk downhill from the car park on Tunnel Beach Road through private farm land takes you to a magnificent sandstone sea arch and man-made tunnel to the secluded beach with fossil filled cliffs on all sides.

You can catch a local bus to Corstorphine. From the corner of Middleton Road and Stenhope Crescent it is approximately 30 minutes' walk to the start of the track. You can check the bus timetable on the Otago Regional Council website

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