My Dunedin Itinerary


Emerson's Brewery

Richard Emerson started brewing beer in a cold student flat. These days Emerson's Brewery churns out up to 15,000 litres of premium craft beer five days a week at their swanky new premises just a stone's throw from the Forsyth Barr stadium. With a fabulous restaurant also on site, and daily brewery tours available, a visit to Emerson's is a must-do for beer lovers.

70 Anzac Ave


Brewing in Dunedin since 1876 and fed by a natural spring beneath the site, Speight’s is one of the few gravity-fed breweries left in the world. Take in a brewery tour and then pop next door to the Alehouse restaurant for a Tasting Tray, expertly matched with the menu, should you fancy a bite. Fresh spring water is available from the Speight's tap outside too, join the queue and fill your bottle.

200 Rattray St

Steamer Basin

Steamer Basin brews using low-tech, traditional methods to make well-balanced beer that is enjoyable to share and celebrates our place. As well as their year-round beers, Steamer Basin produce small batch seasonal beers using fresh ingredients – lighter in summer (Rhubarb Saison anyone?) and darker in winter.

4 Wharf St (also available at the Otago Farmer's Market).

New New New

Offering a blossoming range of fermented beverages to influencers and taste-makers. If you're looking for something distinctive and completely unique you'll find it here.

218 Crawford St.