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Visas & immigration

All international students must have a valid Student Visa to study in New Zealand; these must be applied for before travelling to New Zealand. Visas are issued by New Zealand Immigration. New Zealand Immigration has information on the different Student Visas that a student can study on, how to apply for a Student Visa, and resources to assist students entering New Zealand.

All high schools and the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic have detailed Student Visa information.

University of Otago: Visa on campus application information

Otago Polytechnic: What do I need for my Student Visa?

For most Visas, international students will need to provide:

  • An offer of place from their Dunedin education institution. Also known as an acceptance or enrolment letter, this document informs New Zealand Immigration the student has been accepted for study.
  • A receipt of payment for course fees.
  • Proof of enough money for living costs while living and studying in Dunedin.
  • Proof of a return airline ticket back home – or the money to buy one.
  • If under 18, the Dunedin education institution will need to provide a letter saying that suitable accommodation is available.

Helpful Advice

Allow plenty of time to complete, and talk to the International Student Advisors in your place of study.

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