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There is considerable advice and on-line information available to help the international student decide their study course, including from Education New Zealand and on the DunedinNZ website.

University of Otago

The University of Otago offers more than 185 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across four academic divisions: Humanities, Sciences, Health Sciences and Business. Some University degrees have a set programme of papers, but many of the general bachelors’ degrees (e.g. BA, BSc, BCom) have different ways to put a programme of study together, and a diverse and extensive range of subjects to choose from. Link for more degree structure information to:

University of Otago course advice

University of Otago international student support

Information for international students with offers

The University of Otago Foundation Year offers a university entrance qualification recognised by all New Zealand universities. Foundation Year prepares students for all undergraduate degrees offered at the University of Otago through all four academic divisions.

Otago Polytechnic

The Otago Polytechnic offers over 100 diverse programmes, from certificates to postgraduate qualifications. All courses and programmes are taught and examined in English. Its programmes are grouped into seven career pathways:

  • Health, Community & Education
  • Creative
  • Hospitality
  • Business, Tourism and IT
  • Trades and Technical
  • Sport and Adventure
  • Natural Sciences

The Polytechnic has a helpful guide on planning the study programme, including a checklist of preparations Otago Polytechnic-Pre departure and arrival guide.

High Schools

Dunedin has the best in high school education, offering a powerful pathway to higher learning to generations of students since the southern hemisphere’s first public girl’s high school opened in the city in 1871. New Zealand is a leader in education that incorporates interactive learning.

Dunedin’s high schools teach over 40 internationally recognised subjects with extensive support for English language learners at all levels. The main qualification at high school is the National Certificate in Education Achievement (NCEA), which can be used to enter university and other higher education institutions in New Zealand and around the world. See Understanding NCEA. Some schools also offer other global school level awards and qualifications like the International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB).

Links to all Dunedin high schools for more information and international study programme advice:

Learn English

The University of Otago Language Centre assists with learning to speak, write, read, listen to and understand English. It offers various English language study and experience packages, including short-term English study programmes to meet specific purposes and needs offered either as an integrated or as special needs programme.

The University of Otago has English language requirements for admission to University; the University of Otago Language Centre helps students to meet these requirements for undergraduate or postgraduate study.

All high schools offer English learning support in English competency to prepare for exams, and in conversational English. All have some form of ESOL programme for English learners.

Insiders tip

Join up with leisure or volunteer groups offered by educational institutes to improve conversational English.

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