My Dunedin Itinerary

Dunedin is a vibrant creative city with a lot to offer people seeking a good work-life balance.

People who immigrate to Dunedin love the outdoor opportunities, including beautiful scenery, beaches, the Otago Harbour, parks and walking tracks. The city has many amenities for lifestyle activities, including good libraries, swimming pools, ice-skating and other sporting facilities, art galleries and museums. There are numerous restaurants and cafes, great shops, theatres, many events, and a thriving nightlife.

Dunedin also has a considerable number of recreational clubs and organisations for its residents.

Dunedin is the gateway to much to see and do in Otago and Southland, including Queenstown, Central Otago, North Otago and the Catlins. Beautiful scenery, outdoor activities including skifields, and many adventure and visitor attractions await. There is much information on-line and at the Dunedin i-Site to help guide a visit beyond Dunedin.

Follow this link for information on settling in New Zealand, and what to do when you are here.


Dunedin is highly ranked as an affordable city to live in.

It is easy to get around, which keeps transport costs down, and has reasonably priced housing and lifestyle. This makes it a very competitive option for graduating international students considering their future.

New Zealand Immigration has a cost of living calculator to assist would-be immigrants to work out the cost of living in New Zealand.

Buying a house

Buying a property is a cheaper option in Dunedin than in many other cities in New Zealand. Most New Zealand houses are sold unfurnished, however some come with chattels.

  • Homes for sale are generally advertised by real estate agents, on property websites including Real Estate or TradeMe, or through publications such as the Otago Daily Times or The Property Press.
  • New Zealand Now has more information on what to look for when purchasing a home in New Zealand.

Family-friendly Dunedin

Dunedin is a great place for families. It is friendly, easy to get around, has good amenities, is recognised for its good education facilities, and there is lots to do. Organisations including the Southern District Health Board, Otago Polytechnic and the University of Otago have a range of strategies to help attract, settle and retain migrant employees and families.

Migrant support

There are support services in Dunedin, including specific networks for newcomers to Dunedin.

The Dunedin City Council has collected answers to the common questions migrants have when they first come to Dunedin in the following link

The council also has some helpful advice for connecting with Dunedin people

Settling in Dunedin outlines some of the migrant and newcomer support options available.

The Dunedin Newcomers Network has a Facebook page with lots of tips and information.

New Zealand Now has information on support services in Otago.

The Citizens Advice Bureau is also a good place to look for information, and offers migrant information sessions.

There are also organisations and programmes to help with learning English including English for employees and the English Advantage Language School in Dunedin.

Insiders tip

A walk in information service is available at the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in Dunedin and Queenstown.

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