My Dunedin Itinerary

New Zealand is ranked the fourth most peaceful country, according to the GlobalPeace Index.

A low crime-rate city, Dunedin has a reputation for being safe -the lower South Island experiences the least crime in New Zealand, as demonstrated in the 2014New Zealand Crime and Safety Survey. Dunedin resident surveys show Dunedin people have few concerns about corruption and bribery, robberies and violent crime, and being confronted because of skin colour, ethnic origin or religion. Being a small city, it is easy to get around, and Dunedin residents feel safe to walk.

A relaxing pace of life makes Dunedin a great place for families. Surveys have ranked Dunedin as the best place in New Zealand to live, scoring particularly highly for social connectedness, community strength and identity, and locals having a sense of pride about their city.

Dunedin has a reputation for looking after its student population.To ensure that safety remains top priority, the University and Polytechnic campuses have a Campus Watch system that actively keeps students in the North Dunedin area safe. Students who live here feel safe.

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