My Dunedin Itinerary

Dunedin is highly ranked as an affordable city to live in.

Housing is more affordable in the south than the rest of New Zealand, meaning accommodation is less expensive, whether it is renting or purchasing a house. Residential colleges, which generally include food in their costs, also offer an excellent value for money option.

Being a small city, transport is not a big expense either. Tertiary education and the centre of town are within easy walking distance of each other, reducing if not eliminating transport costs.

Check out the costs of everyday items on this Standard of living calculator to compare the value of living in Dunedin.

The University of Otago has estimated that to live comfortably while in Dunedin, a student will need to have about $NZ15,000-17,000 per academic year (40 weeks) available for living costs, above the cost of tuition. They will need to budget more than this if planning to stay for a calendar year. See more at University of Otago: Cost of Living

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