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Dunedin and Hamilton & Waikato Join Forces for Business Events

07 June 2018

The Dunedin Convention Bureau will collaborate with Hamilton and Waikato Business Events to attract association conferences to the city.In a bid to pool resources and capture leads collectively, the partnership will offer a dual destination solution for New Zealand Associations looking to hold business events on annual rotation. This is the first such initiative in New Zealand and a bespoke solution for buyers in an increasingly competitive market.

Both Dunedin and Hamilton & Waikato are strong individually in the business events space but also offer distinct differences in terms of venues, locations and infrastructure. This provides a strong partnership for growth rather than one of competition. This joint venture will allow for time poor buyers to learn about two possible destinations during an event, co-hosted sales calls and a dual destination famil.

The ability to generate and share leads will also be amplified through the scheme, allowing for a wider network of contacts nationwide.

For further information contact

Bree Jones - Business Events Advisor

03 471 8834