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Dunedin wins international conference

21 June 2016

Dunedin and the University of Otago have been confirmed as the hosts of the 54th World Congress of the International Sociology of Sport Association, to be held in autumn 2019. The international conference will attract up to 300 delegates to the city and will bring in an estimated $525,000 to the local economy adding to the programme of events for the University of Otago’s 150th Anniversary celebrations.

The ISSA World Congress will be hosted by the University of Otago’s School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science. The congress has never been held in New Zealand before, although the country has a strong tradition within the Sociology of Sport and collectively its scholars and post graduate students make a valuable contribution to the field.

The conference bid was presented last week in Budapest by Otago University Professor Steve Jackson, who has been a member of the ISSA Executive Board for 12 years, and 4 years as President. The bid was made with the support of Enterprise Dunedin and Tourism New Zealand (TNZ) using their Conference Assistance Programme (CAP).

“The result of this team effort really impressed the ISSA Executive Board, with an outstanding presentation and the high quality of detail provided in the bid.” Jackson said. “When it was announced Dunedin would host the 2019 conference the delegates were clearly thrilled –for many this will be their one opportunity to visit New Zealand!”

The work undertaken by Enterprise Dunedin to attract international conferences, in collaboration with TNZ and the University of Otago, is really starting to pay off for everyone involved says Enterprise Dunedin’s Business Event’s Tourism Advisor Bree Jones. “International conferences offer the opportunity to showcase some of the world leaders and influencers we have within our academic community. Hosting events such as this congress at ‘home’ offers broader city-wide benefits both economically as well as raising the city’s profile on a global stage”

Tourism New Zealand's Director of Trade, PR and Major Events René de Monchy, says international events such as this provide a huge opportunity to grow the value of visitors to New Zealand.

"Last week Tourism New Zealand participated in Meetings 2016 where the strong media contingent checked in on progress over the last three years since government invested additional money specifically in the BE sector.

This win for Dunedin is a great example of how business events can be hosted in centres throughout New Zealand. The value of the business delegate is of high worth to the New Zealand economy as they spend twice as much per day as regular visitors and frequent New Zealand in the off peak season which helps to spread tourism value more evenly."

Enterprise Dunedin and Tourism New Zealand Business Events Team continue to collaborate to promote the Conference Assistance Programme available to anyone looking to host an international conference at home.

For further information contact

Bree Jones, Business Events Tourism Advisor – Enterprise Dunedin

+64 21 865 111