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Economic Development Strategy

Dunedin’s Economic Development Strategy is a 2013-2023 blueprint to increase skills, incomes and job opportunities for Dunedin’s residents.

The strategy is the outcome of work done by the Grow Dunedin Partnership:

  • Dunedin City Council
  • Ngāi Tahu
  • Otago Chamber of Commerce
  • Otago Polytechnic
  • Otago Southland Employers’ Association
  • University of Otago

The vision

Dunedin is one of the world’s great small cities. We are renowned as a confident, competitive knowledge centre, a community where enterprise and creativity support a productive and sustainable city.

Economic goals

  1. A 2% growth in employment each year (roughly 10,000 extra jobs over 10 years)
  2. A 2.5% rise in income per capita each year (an average of $10,000 per person)

Dunedin’s latest Economic profile

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Strategic themes

The Strategy is built on five themes:

  1. Business vitality
  2. Alliances for innovation
  3. A hub of skills and talent
  4. Linkages beyond our borders
  5. A compelling destination