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Positive Press How To Guide

Positive Press enables local businesses to generate positive news stories and media coverage for their businesses and the city.

The goal

The goal for Dunedin businesses is to issue one press release per year. The release can be distributed to local and national news media including print, television radio and web. Businesses are also encouraged to issue their release to specialist trade and industry publications.

Why seek media coverage?

Positive media coverage is a cost effective way to increase awareness of business or a brand. Research shows readers and viewers are skeptical about advertising and often discount it because they know its paid for. However, they see editorial and news as independent and therefore place a far greater value and belief upon this. Positive media coverage can generate a much higher return on investment than other forms of marketing. A successful release can generate national media coverage.

How to go about seeking media coverage?

While Positive Press is to be undertaken by businesses themselves Enterprise Dunedin will support efforts by providing a database of national media contacts and basic protocols for developing a release in-house or contacts for outside support.

When is a good time to seek media coverage?

Positive Press can take place anytime in the next 12 months. Participants should consider the ‘news value’ of their release and issue it when they have a newsworthy story. This could include a significant businesses developments, new product launch, awards or grants.

What if I need help?

The team from Enterprise Dunedin will be on hand to support your media efforts. They can also provide contacts for media professionals who may be able to assist your efforts if required.


Positive Press How To Guide (in PDF format)

Positive Press Media Release example - Gig Start Fund 16 Nov 2015 (in PDF format)


For more information, please contact:

Sarah Bramhall

Sarah Bramhall

PR and Promotions Advisor