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Dunedin Destination Plan up for Council consideration

09 March 2018

The plan outlines how the city plans to market and manage Dunedin as a destination, and how it will attract new visitors, students, migrants, workers and investors. It was developed by DCC in collaboration with stakeholders and the wider community. It proposes action areas that will be used to inform specific activities undertaken by Enterprise Dunedin and industry stakeholders and indicates how progress might be monitored.

Deputy Mayor Chris Staynes said by incorporating stakeholder and community feedback, the Council hoped the plan reflected a vision shared by diverse organisations and individuals from throughout the city. A total of 49 submissions were received on topics including tourism, accommodation, public transport, access to wildlife areas, protection of the environment, youth involvement, and health and wellbeing.

“We’ve tried to capture as much feedback as possible as the submissions added real value to the plan. We took on board that it’s vital for the Council to consider the health and wellbeing of Dunedin residents in this plan, as well as ensuring development supports the city’s values, our environment and what makes Dunedin distinctive,” Cr Staynes said.

“We’re hoping that by joining forces with stakeholders and the community, we can tell our story better, share resources and proactively manage the impacts associated with being an increasingly popular destination.”

The plan will be presented to the Dunedin City Council’s economic development committee next Tuesday, 13 March for consideration.

For more information contact:

John Christie

Director Enterprise Dunedin

03 471 8836