My Dunedin Itinerary

The best things to see and do in Otago's Portobello

20 December 2016

Beautiful Portobello has wildlife, great views and excellent coffee, writes Elisabeth Easther.


Dunedin takes street art to a new level

03 December 2016

Over the past few years, the Dunedin street art scene has exploded.

Gone are the days of grungy punk tags and ugly incomprehensible letters on back alley corners. Instead, there's a growing interest in grassroots art that truly shows off the quirky side of this South Island city. Dunedin is redefining urban culture in New Zealand one beautifully decorated wall at a time.


A slice of Scotland in New Zealand

28 November 2016

If there is a city in New Zealand that can lay claim to Scottish heritage, it’s Dunedin. Even its rugby team is called the Highlanders.


The best things to see and do in Port Chalmers

25 November 2016

Elisabeth Easther finds Dunedin's 'arty' suburb - with stunning scenery and rich history - is worthy of a film.


Road, rail and sail to Dunedin: A family road trip on the South Island

23 November 2016

Setting off on a family holiday without the car can be slightly daunting at first. That metal-plated comfort zone on wheels allows the transport of not just the family members, but their respective piles of possessions that apparently must be lugged around everywhere with them for normal functioning to occur.


Mummies, Whales and Butterflies at the Otago Museum

16 November 2016

Dayym, the south of New Zealand really knows how to do museums! Far from your dusty old museum of bad mannequins, the Otago Museum is going to be another southern regional museum that blows us away. After seeing the Southland Museum back in Invercargill, we really thought it couldn’t be matched in its diverse collections of impressive artifacts. But, hold up! We think we just found it in Dunedin at the Otago Museum!


Dunedin open for business following earthquakes

16 November 2016

Dunedin is open for business following the earthquakes centred in North Canterbury early Monday morning.


Gearing up for growth

16 November 2016

Nick Beekhuis, owner-operator of Offtrack Mountain Bike Tours, has noticed his season getting longer.

"I am seeing more people after Easter, when that used to be the cut-off. Now I'm getting people into May. For me, the season starts in late November, which is later than other operators might notice.


Dunedin: A small city with big offerings

28 October 2016

Descending the hill into Dunedin, there's a picture-perfect view of the city, extending to the surrounding suburbs and out to the Otago Harbour.


Southern comfort: Eating and, yes, drinking in Dunedin

26 October 2016

Dunedin is exploding with new bars, breweries, cafes, restauarants and takeaway spots. From the major redevelopment of Emerson’s Brewery, to the juice bar that took a risk opening in “chilly Dunedin”, to the bar owner who decided to stock up with one of the best ranges of gin in the country, Dunedinites are spoilt for choice. Here are some of Idealog’s favourite haunts.


Dunedin gears up for cruise season

13 October 2016

A massive cruise ship season for Dunedin is set to start tomorrow and tourism operators believe the city is up to the challenge.

Sun Princess is due to arrive in Port Chalmers at 7.15am tomorrow, signalling the start of a cruise ship season expected to bring 87 cruise ships with a total capacity of 250,000 people to the city.


Aurora Australis We have lift off – inaugural aurora flight set for take-off from Dunedin

10 October 2016

Dr Ian Griffin aims for the stars. The Dunedin man is behind the first southern hemisphere flight to the Aurora Australis.

The chartered flight, organised by the Dunedin branch of travel agency Orbit, is confirmed for March 23, 2017. Read the full story here


Apollo campervan On the road again in NZ

05 October 2016

Jon Underwood begins a week-long tour of the South Island of New Zealand in an Apollo Campervan.


Rise in winter tourism

03 October 2016

Dunedin's winter tourism push may be bearing fruit, with a strong rise in tourism expenditure for August.

Wanaka was again the leader in New Zealand, with its 16.3% annual increase continuing strong expenditure growth.


chinese-garden-dunedin.jpg Dunedin: Secrets of the South

15 September 2016

On an insider tour of Dunedin’s hidden treasures, Eleanor Ainge Roy discovers the other Edinburgh deserves a second glance.


Extra flights between city, capital

07 September 2016

Air New Zealand will add another jet and 5000 more annual flight seats between Dunedin and Wellington, the airline announced yesterday.

The news follows an announcement by the airline in April of an extra 30,000 airline seats between Dunedin and the capital.


Dunedin escape promotion hailed

07 September 2016

A campaign aimed at bringing Brisbane residents to Dunedin for a winter escape has been applauded after a report showed a spike in airline bookings from the Australian city.


Wildlife and wilderness galore in New Zealand's South Island

24 August 2016

Discover the Southern Scenic Route, with Giovanna Dell'orto


English street artist Phlegm 24 hours in Dunedin | Verve Magazine

10 August 2016

The historical legacy of what was New Zealand’s largest town during the golden era of the 1860s, combined with the modern energy brought in by the lively students and a vibrant arts scene, create an atmosphere which is unrivalled by any other in New Zealand. Who would have thought that Gothic architecture could go so well with anarchic street art?


Roa Dunedin: The small city with the big wow factor

18 July 2016

It's been four years since I left Dunedin, and something strange has happened. It's become cool.

I'm not talking about the temperatures, either. I reckon little old Dunners is right up there with the hipster havens of Wellington and Melbourne.

It's a revolution that has quietly been taking place on my Instagram feed over the last couple of years. Friends would post photos of a giant tuatara, nibbling at its tail as it stretches across a brick wall. Or a pipe organ player, shooting colourful birds into the sky as he plays his instrument

Where were they finding these incredible walls? In tiny wee Dunedin? Surely not.


Lucrative conferences for Dunedin

12 July 2016

Dunedin has attracted conferences in just the last three months that will bring about $1.5 million to the local economy, and has applied for three more that could bring another $3.8 million.


Air NZ makes it easy

22 June 2016 (901.8 KB in PDF format)

You asked for better flights services in and out of Dunedin, and Air New Zealand has heard you. When the changes come in, you’ll have more time to get work done if you’re travelling for business. And if you’re flying on, your connections will be quicker and more convenient.

Download the PDF

Dunedin hotels perform well

20 June 2016

2015 was an exceptional year for Dunedin hotels which collectively recorded their best results in five years, according to new Tourism Industry Aotearoa research.

TIA’s eight member hotels in Dunedin enjoyed 75.3% occupancy, up 1.7 points on 2014, TIA Hotel Sector Manager Sally Attfield says. This was the city’s highest occupancy rate in five years.

The average daily rate (across all star grades) rose to $133, up $8 on the previous year, and also a five year high. This generated total revenue of $27 million.


Tabi Salad Tabi Salad

16 June 2016

Popular Japanese travel show Tabi Salad visited Dunedin recently, hosted by Enterprise Dunedin and Tourism New Zealand. Fantastic Dunedin footage starts at 57.20.


Convention Tourism is taking off Convention Tourism is taking off

16 June 2016

Otago is experiencing a boom in conference and event tourism.

A positive outlook for the industry, worth $55 million to Dunedin alone last year, has also been reported in Oamaru and Queenstown, despite some issues with venues and accommodation.

That issue, in Queenstown and Christchurch in particular, has been Dunedin's gain


Chisholm Park Golf Club Dunedin features in Tourism New Zealand’s golf hub

09 June 2016

‘New Zealand is simply an amazing golf destination. It has some of the best golf courses I have ever played. It should be a must-visit place for golfers from all over the world. You won’t be disappointed.’ Lydia Ko New Zealand golfer Tourism New Zealand has created new content around the countries unforgettable golf tourism offerings. Dunedin is included in New Zealand’s Experience Golf Courses, take a look here:


24 hours in Dunedin

09 June 2016 (9.7 MB in PDF format)

Dropping anchor in New Zealand’s Dunedin? Chris Pritchard has a few tips.

Download the PDF

Dunedin Railway Station Mike Yardley: Dunedin’s hot-tub of winter delights

18 May 2016

We know winter is on its way, even though it’s been reluctant to flash its fangs. But when it does, take the plunge into the hot-tub of hearty southern hospitality, in delightful Dunedin. You’d struggle to find a comparably sized city that serves up such a spoil of fabulously distinctive visitor experiences. Richly blessed with flippered possibilities, the wildlife charms of Otago Peninsula are a must, although I also love heading to Portobello and Port Chalmers to embrace the elements, soaking up the panoramas on a coastal walk.


Christopher Luxon City's work paying off - Air NZ boss

12 May 2016

The future of Dunedin's air connections with the rest of New Zealand looks assured, and there is perhaps a glimmer of hope direct transtasman flights to cities apart from Brisbane may return. Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon said at the Trenz conference in Rotorua recently that Dunedin was "a classic case of a region that is getting its act together very well''. "The degree of collaboration between the stakeholders in Dunedin city is much more aligned than it's ever been.'


Escape Australia article It’s a wild, wild life

01 May 2016

IT’S picture-postcard New Zealand: sheep grazing on grassland sloping gently to a small cliff where a path leads to a beach called Sandfly Bay, a long strip of white sand dotted with about 20 boulders. At least, I think they’re boulders. About 5m apart, three yellow-eyed penguins stand sentinel-like at the cliff’s edge and gaze out to sea. “Their nests are nearby,” my guide whispers. “They came ashore down there and clambered up the path.” Suddenly, a couple of boulders appear to move. It’s then that I realise they aren’t boulders at all. “Plenty of sea lions today,” the guide says. Moments later we’re scrambling down the path, poised for a memorable wildlife encounter and assembling on the sand for a briefing: don’t walk between sea lions and the sea, don’t stand between mums and pups, don’t touch sea lions, stand well back from aggressive-looking bulls. This full article was published in ‘Escape’ section of Australian-wide Sunday newspapers


Roa Dunedin is a destination for world class street art

25 April 2016

Dunedin has long been known for its musical talents, and now it's making a name as a street art destination.


Richard Roberts More Air NZ seats 'vote of confidence' in Dunedin

07 April 2016

An extra 30,000 annual airline seats have been added to Air New Zealand's Dunedin to Wellington flights as Jetstar announces it plans to compete with the national carrier by offering night flights at Queenstown. The news comes in an environment of a burgeoning tourism market, and on the back of increasing flights and new routes in both centres. In Dunedin, the news has been lauded as a vote of confidence in the city. Air New Zealand announced yesterday it would replace its turboprop ATR aircraft between Wellington and Dunedin with jet services, from October.


Where the Wild Things Are Winter in Dunedin – Where the Wild Things Are

06 April 2016

A campaign to encourage Australian female family ‘‘decision-makers'' and ‘‘empty-nesters'' to experience Dunedin in winter has begun. Dunedin City Council agency Enterprise Dunedin has joined local tourism operators, Air New Zealand, TripAdvisor and others to create the Where the Wild Things Are campaign. The campaign, costing $120,000, began yesterday. It will promote events such as the Wild Dunedin Festival, the Midwinter Carnival, Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival and Jaffa Race, the International Science Festival and Puaka Matariki celebrations to women who made the decisions in families and ‘‘empty nester'' couples in Australia.


tiewroblok checklist Travel show broadcast in Thailand visits Dunedin

09 March 2016

Checklist 23 visited Dunedin in November, check out their great travel show here.